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We’ll set up a video chat or phone to discuss your business goals. The call will take 30 minutes to an hour. We will go through a series of thought provoking questions that will help us understand your business and potential clients.


Our web design agency will take all the information that was collected during our call and create a proposal that targets all your business needs. Depending on your project, the proposal includes a design mockup, strategy, workflow, timeline, and price quote.

Implement, Test, Launch

Once the proposal is approved and we're all on the same page the work begins. We will communicate with you throughout this entire process ensuring that your goals are being met. Designs, content, campaigns are created, tested, and launched.

Features & Accreditations


Randy Stark
Marianna is extremely detail orientated and has a deep knowledge of web design and programming. I've had the pleasure of working with Marianna at two different companies and, while they were vastly different industries, Marianna was able to complete complex website functions that even well known web companies could not. Trust in Marianna and The Media Artistry!
Stephanie Harding
The Media Artistry was hired to design a new website for my place of work, Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy Center. She was amazing to work with and was always available. She also helped us connect our patients to online billing and SEO. We have experienced increasingly high call volume and interest in our facility since. We could not be happier, thank you!
Chana Levitan
Marianna is the perfect combination of computer intelligence with brilliant artistic talent. She is a great programmer and simultaneously puts a tremendous effort into creating a trendy and stylistic product. And she HAS the talent and the eye. The fact that she is a kind, honest and sincere person is the huge cherry on top. I'm thrilled with her work and recommend her with the highest of recommendations.
Alex Noskov
We hired THE MEDIA ARTISTRY to build, design, and handle all the SEO for our online medical booking website. It was the best decision we've ever made and we can't recommend them enough. Thank you for helping our business grow and flourish and thank you for delivering superb service, knowledge, and expertise. Many Thanks.
Carly Butterworth
I've been working with Marianna from The Media Artistry since the end of 2019, and she has been an absolute dream to work with. There was a complicated application that a previous vendor could not get done and Marianna was able to step in, figure out what needed to be done and complete it in a timely manner. We've also moved forward on a website redesign with her that is currently in progress, and her creative ideas are new and refreshing. I cannot recommend Marianna at The Media Artistry enough!
Michael Feldman
Amazing website design and SEO work. The Media Artistry was amazing to work with, listened to everything we wanted and created a beautiful site that has been getting a lot of traffic. Thank you!!

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